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The IS/LM Model with Flexible Prices


This page is a continuation of the IS/LM Model.

The Aggregate Supply/Aggregate Demand Diagram

Relaxing the assumption that the price level is fixed leads to a more general model with an aggregate supply and demand diagram. 

Aggregate Demand

Holding M fixed and changing P changes the real money supply M/P.  This has the effect of shifting the LM curve and changing Y.  The Aggregate Demand Curve traces out the resulting combinations of Y and P

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Aggregate Supply

The Aggregate Supply Curve is not vertical.  Keynesians believe that changes in the nominal price level can have real effects on output. 

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The  EconModel presentation shows the model with the AS/AD diagram as an extension of the basic IS/LM Model. 

Building Blocks

The EconModel presentation explains the following curves:

Aggregate Demand Curve

Aggregate Supply Curve


The EconModel presentation analyzes the effects of changes in:

Money Supply

Government Spending/Taxes

The results emphasize the difference between the short run and long run responses to monetary and fiscal policies given a natural rate of output.  (The natural rate of unemployment (NAIRU) is a related concept.)

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