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The EconModel program lets you click on hyperlinks to get a step-by-step understanding of economics diagrams and models. 

Free Preview Movies

The following links play short movies that are brief snippets from the actual EconModel presentations.

    Derive a Demand Curve (32 seconds)
    Derive a Supply Curve (40 seconds)
    The Cobweb Model (1 min, 34 seconds)
    The Classical Model (40 seconds)
    The Basic IS/LM Model (2 min, 43 sec)
    The Mundell-Fleming Model (1 min, 23 sec)

Presentations of Models

As the previews demonstate, the EconModel presentations for models are interactive and dynamic.  They more closely resemble a chalkboard discussion of a model than does any web page.  Users click on hyperlinks to step through construction and analysis of economics diagrams and models.  The step-by-step analysis is designed to mimic as closely as possible the presentation of a live instructor.

Download, Install, and License

To activate the EconModel presentation you need to download and install the EconModel program.  more info.

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